A unique American religion - expensive, promiscuous and entirely meaningless!!!

Testimonials -

"The Epsilon Tract helped me give up smack"
- Jezz Torrent

"Kifflom changed my life.  I used to have a well paid job, a family and good prospects.  Now, I've given that up to find real meaning in wearing light blue and proclaiming my real religion. Kifflom!'  
- Jonas Ackerman, Blueberry, San Andreas

"Much better than Inversion Therapy. My mother sleeps much easier now that I've joined the fellowship. Kifflom!"
- Jeremy Smith, San Fierro

"Religion never worked for me, until now!"
- Brian Van Ginsberg, Carcer City

"I was lost.  Luckily, I now go to regular meeetings of a cult group and give them lots of money, so everything is okay."
- Jane Pole, Ohio

"At first, I was nervous about giving up my identity and sleeping with all of those men, but I really enjoy it now."
- Mary Fortune, Liberty City

"Cris Formage is a genius. It's a religion without homework!"
- Morgan August, Los Santos, San Andreas.